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Wombourne Special Needs Support Group.

 Each WINGS session is well supervised with one to one care for those who need it and a trained First Aider on-site.

 Our paid staff are recruited from the caring professions, and include teachers, nursery nurses and health professionals: many of whom have years of experience with special needs. As well as keeping the children busy and happy they are also trained to carry out any necessary hygiene or intimate care.

 WINGS recruits many young volunteers (aged 16 or over). Some are training for a career working with children; others just want to do something useful in their spare time. We also have several mature staff members who have much expertise to pass on to less experienced staff. These volunteers, who give their free time with such enthusiasm, assist paid staff in organising activities and enable us to provide one to one support.

 Many of our staff have been with us for several years. Some have gone on to become paid staff members; others are happier staying as volunteers - they have all established excellent relationships with the children we support.


Regsitered Charity Number: 1075503

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